Emily Katherine. 20. England.

I like men's fashion, good art, music, literature, theatre, architecture, classic cars, and nature, among other things. I’m interested in history, the english language, human rights, politics and people. I am a pacifist, and activist. Right handed and left wing. I try to be the best person I can.
I'm currently a volunteer youthworker.
I'm a personality contradiction sometimes, and I will always surprise you.
I'm very lonely.
I look like this

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i agree i (drunkenly and i regret it a lot) told some people that i am depressed and someone said “oh we’re all depressed, i’m probably depressed!!!” but then when i said it was a mental illness they didn’t wanna talk to me anymore…

You know like in mean girls where Lindsay talks about verbal diarrea, I get like that sometimes (with out the sick, unless I’ve been drinking cider) and everything I hold in like falls out my mouth, and I know they either don’t believe me or are freaked out but it’s like I need to say it and I can’t help it. I just can’t stop and I totally understand what you mean.

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